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Kira Toussaint: Get to Know Our European Ambassador

Kira Toussaint: Get to Know Our European Ambassador

With an Olympic medalist mother and a wetsuit designer father, Kira Toussaint was born to swim. From a young age, Kira became aware of the mechanics, energetics, and data behind swimming. As a high school student, Kira was interested in studying physical therapy. Now, as a European Ambassador for AQUA BOOM, she combines her interest in scientific study and swimming.

A Qualified Olympic Swimmer With Eight Career Awards

In 2016, Kira Toussaint became the first Olympic swimmer to compete in the Olympics while on the Tennessee team. She qualified with a 1:00.25 time for the 100-meter backstroke and finished 18th in the heats. That same year, she was named the Swimmer of the Week and has followed up with awards such as the 2017 CSCAA National Swimmer of the Week and the 2017 CSCAA All-American honorable mention. 

Kira attributes some of her success to the guidance of "lactate testing," a form of science-based performance testing that is intended to determine whether an athlete may be pushing themselves too hard. When pushing themselves too hard, athletes may be doing more harm to themselves than good. When first introduced to her, lactate testing was a new science that wasn't commonly being used. Following lactate testing, Kira Toussaint was introduced to WHOOP, a fitness band and software product designed to help athletes train. 

Kira continues to train hard, improve her times, and look forward to new competitive endeavors. She was introduced to AQUA BOOM under the coaching of Matt Kredich while training at the University of Tennessee. 

Kira Toussaint is a European Ambassador for AQUA BOOM®

Throughout her career and accomplishments, Kira Toussaint has always been interested in the scientific aspects of health, swimming, and training. These interests are brought back into her relationship with AQUA BOOM. AQUA BOOM provides a high-intensity, low-impact workout that's designed to get results without doing potential harm to the individual. This is exactly the type of strategy Kira Toussaint has used throughout lactate testing and WHOOP recovery software.

High-level athletes know that it's just as important to rest as it is to exercise. AQUA BOOM low-impact exercises are designed to avoid strain on the joints and other potential harm from over use, such as shin splints. The team at ISO-Aquatics is able to work together to empower individuals of all energy and health levels to get the exercise they need to become better, faster, and stronger.

Not everyone can be an Olympic swimmer like Kira Toussaint, but everyone can improve their health and their energy levels. ISO-Aquatics is committed to bringing fitness to everyone. For more information about AQUA BOOM and related fitness products, contact ISO-Aquatics today.