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How to Get Started with Water Workouts

How to Get Started with Water Workouts

Swimming is a favorite pastime of every adult, but this fun summer activity isn't just for kids. Find out how a swimming pool can help you get back in shape without causing stress to your joints.

Getting Started With a Water Workout

First, let's talk about why you want to do a water workout in the first place. There are plenty of reasons, but two of the most commonly cited reasons are that water provides a low-impact workout, and water provides natural resistance. The resistance that water provides means that you get a more intense workout that burns more calories while remaining low-impact and reducing the risk of injury.

Who is a Water Workout For?

Anyone who feels comfortable in the water. When "water aerobics" were introduced years ago, the target group was senior citizens. This is because the low impact nature helped to protect joints and avoid some of the common problems seniors faced such as falls and hyperextension. It also proved to be an ideal workout environment for those with mobility issues, injuries and chronic conditions like arthritis.

Since that time, people of all ages and fitness levels have come to appreciate the benefits of a water workout, and you can too. The following exercises are great to get started with. As always, you'll want to clear any new exercise routine with your physician and remember, always start your workout with some basic walking and stretching.

Jog in Place

This exercise is self-explanatory and a basic move to get you warmed up and burning calories. Right away, you are enjoying an activity that normally stresses the body, but in this case, is considered low-impact. Not only that, but you are also getting the benefits of resistance and burning more calories.

The resistance that water provides means that you get a more intense workout that burns more calories while remaining low-impact and reducing the risk of injury.

Kick and Punch

For more cardio and a little toning, try kicking and punching in the water. Move into water deep enough to cover your arms as you do the exercise. Remember to start out easy as far as reps, especially if you aren't used to working out.

Wave Makers

If you want to target your lower back, abs, and glutes, this is a perfect exercise. Use one hand to hang on to the side of the pool, and take your other hand and place it flat against the wall of the pool, fingers pointed downward. This stabilizes you. Keep your knees together and legs out behind you. Now kick your feet up and down. Think of a dolphin swimming. 

Squat Jump

This is great for toning and burning calories. This is a shallow end exercise. Simply squat as you would normally, raise hands above your head and jump. It's intense and will give you a great workout!

Use AQUA BOOM® for More Complex Workouts

With the right equipment, you can do more complex activities that will more effectively work your abs, arms, legs and anywhere else. While you don't need any special equipment to exercise in the water, it can help broaden the range of activities available to you. AQUA BOOM allows you to get a full workout easily and efficiently. The AQUA BOOM installs to the side of the pool and doesn't interfere with pool use. 

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